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Livestock & Fisheries Department

Government Of Sindh

Livestock Tagging & Traceability Project

Project Brief

One of the major barrier to exporting meat & dairy products to developed countries like US and EU is the lack of a traceability mechanism (Tagging, Registration of animals, proper transportation and creditable database of animal to trace the animals) in the local meat value chain. To address this, a Livestock Tagging Project is the need of the hour.

Scope Of The Project
  • Register the animals (issue Identification card and unique no.)
  • Registration of Livestock Farms
  • Registered & approved Transportation company to transport animals
  • Registration of slaughter Houses
  • To establish a credible international database like NADRA that every body can access and know from which animal he is eating meat and milk (if there is any problem he can trace back)
  • Strict monitoring & supervision of the Government or authority established by the Government

How To Achieve This? Being a complex nature of the project, the Government of Sindh aimed to hire services of a consultant to conduct feasibility study and structure the Livestock Tagging Project in order to produce high quality standard products for the domestic, Asian and eventually European / global markets.

The Livestock and Fisheries Department in association with the Public Private partnership (PPP) Unit, Government of Sindh, invited proposals from reputable and experienced firms / consortia to prepare a feasibility report covering technical, financial, economic, legal and environmental aspects along with transaction advisory services for the livestock tagging project under PPP mode. In this regard, M/S Naveed Zafar Ashfaq chaudhry & Co. has been awarded through competitive process to carry the studies and guide/recommend the Government how to implement this whole project.

Scope Of Feasibility Study

The detailed scope of work for the transaction advisor to implement the project is provided in the RFP. However, briefly, the transaction advisor / consulting firm(s) shall be expected to perform following tasks

1. Phase – I (Concept Development)
  • Review & assessment of L/S Sector
  • Methodology and action plan

2. Phase – II (Feasibility Study)
  • Legal Viability assessment
  • Socio Economic viability assessment
  • Technical viability assessment
  • Initial environment examination
  • Financial viability assessment
  • PPP options analysis
3. Phase – III (Marketing and Investor solicitation)
  • Marketing
  • Bid management
4. Phase – IV (Transaction Negotiation and Financial closure)
CURRENT PROGRESS: Phase-I study (15 weeks) has been completed and submitted to the Department. Phase-II studies has been initiated in December 2014, and all the study has to be completed in next 40 weeks. Then project will be initiated and implemented as guided by the study and awarded by the Government.