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Livestock & Fisheries Department

Government Of Sindh

Directorate of Fisheries Sindh (Hatcheries, Training) Hyderabad


The Directorate of Fisheries Sindh, Hatcheries & Trainings Hyderabad, was created through SNE during the year 2011-12 to manage Public Fish Hatcheries and Fisheries Training & Extension Institutes in the province on scientific basis for promotion of aquaculture.

Objectives/ Activities/ Functions

  • Supervision of fish / shell Fish Hatcheries and Training Centers in the province.
  • Establish Fish & Shellfish Hatcheries and Fisheries Training Units.
  • Conduct Scientific Research on the breeding biology of fish /shellfish to improve genetic pool and strengthenin of the breeding of pure strain.
  • Introduction of modern fish breeding techniques.
  • Plan prepare & implement development schemes in respective domain.
  • Trainings to In-Service Personnel / Hatchery Operators/ Fish Farmers/Aquaculture Community/ Fishermen for development of Fisheries & Aquaculture sector.
  • Objectives/ Activities/ Functions

    • Frame Inland Fisheries Policy in the province.
    • Management, Conservation & Surveillance (MCS) of Inland Fisheries resources of the province.
    • Issuance of fishing permits / renewal of licenses to fishermen / fish dealers in respective domain
    • Rehabilitation & Development of Inland Fisheries waters of the province.
    • Enforcement of Fisheries Ordinance/Act & Rules in inland waters.
    • Stock assessment/population dynamic surveys of Inland Fisheries resources.
    • Provision of extension services in province to promote Fisheries and allied aquaculture
    • Coordination with other national & international agencies / organization / departments regarding Management, Conservation, surveillance (MCS) and development of inland fisheries resources
    • Plan, prepare & implement development schemes in their respective domain.
    • Collection & analysis of the Statistical data of Inland Fisheries.
    • Arrange stakeholders participation in development of Inland fisheries through workshops, seminars, symposia etc
    • Development of Inland capture/culture fisheries on modern lines.
    • Keep quality control check over fish sold at market or retails
    • Develop post harvest facilities such as landing platforms, Jetties, chilling plants, processing plants, cold storages, auction halls / markets & marketing channels including transportation.
    • Registration of fishermen& boats of Inland waters.
    • Educate and train fishermen and to create awareness among them for MCS of fisheries resources

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    Fisheries Complex, Near Old Wahdat Colony,
    Opposite Technical College
    Hyderabad, Sindh