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Directorate Of Animal Husbandy Sindh, Hyderabad


This Experimental Station was first established 13 miles east of Karachi near Sharafi Village in the year of 1923 by the British Government of India, named as Wellington cattle farm with a view to preserve the purity of the Red Sindhi Cattle Breed. After the creation of Pakistan the farm remained under the control of Provincial Government of Sindh but Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Government of Pakistan, Finally took it over in 1950 and renamed it as “ CENTRAL RED SINDHI BREEDING FARM” as a result of this half of the herd was transferred to Mirpur Khas.

In October, 1957, it was decided to make the farm a non commercial research Farm and the name of the farm was changed to “LIVESTOCK EXPERIMENT STATION MALIR”

On 15th January, 1975, the Government of Sindh declared the Livestock Experiment Station Karachi as CENTO INSTITUTE FOR ANIMAL REPRODUCTION AND THE POULTRY RESEARCH INSTITUTE KARACHI as one of the component of an integrated ANIMAL SCIENCE COMPLEX still this station is working as Animal Science Complex of Sindh.

Objectives / Functions

The livestock experiment stations Karachi was established by keeping in view following objects.

  • To carry out the experiments on the various aspects of the Red Sindhi Cattle Breed in its original Characters.
  • To act as demonstration stations for disseminating the results of experiments to the farmers for improvement of their livestock.
  • To maintain the purity of Red Sindhi cattle Breed.
  • Supply the Breeding Bulls to the farmers as well as the Veterinary Hospitals and Dispensaries to improve the genetic potential of their Livestock through natural services.