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Livestock & Fisheries Department

Government Of Sindh

Directorate Of Fisheries Sindh (Research & Development) Karachi


Fisheries is a rapidly expanding sector and is playing an important role to supplement protein requirement of the masses.

Sindh Province has been bestowed with a natural fisheries resources on the Marine side also, almost 350 km Coastal belt of Sindh is lying virtually untapped, which needs to be exploited for Shrimp, crab, oyster, pearl culture etc. in enclosure, Pen and ponds. Almost 300000 Hectors area is available in the deltaic area for this purpose.

Due to the environmental changes, fresh water resources are being depleting fast in the Province and Sea intrusion is being observed, 72 Dehs out of 698 Dehs of Thatta & Badin District have been fully eroded by Sea.

As the main thrust of our Fisheries Export is based on capture fisheries, which is being depleting day by day, hence Aquaculture on Marine and Brackish water side is the only option to subsidize it, through cage, Pens & Pond culture techniques.

The Sindh Province holds a premier position in the Fisheries Sector of country. It commands 100% of brackish, 65% of Fresh water and 71% of Marine water resources of the total Fisheries resources of Pakistan.

These resources have about 400 commercially important varieties of Marines, 200 varieties of fresh and 13 varieties of shrimp.


The Sindh Fisheries Department was established after disintegration of One Unit and creation of four provinces during 1969-70 and it was given under control of Director, Agriculture Sindh, with a technical head as Assistant Director Fisheries on Provincial basis, with his head quarter at Hyderabad.

During 1972 Agriculture Development Corporation was dissolved and its all officers were directed to join their parent departments. During 1974, a post of Director Fisheries Sindh was created with its head quarter at Karachi.

There after first Aqua-culture Development Project (1980-85) and Second Aqua- culture Development Project (1989-94) were launched with assistance of Asian Development Bank. Both the projects were successfully implemented with the result that one post of Project Director (BS-19) was regularised on Non-Development side.

Under the instructions of Chief Executive of Pakistan with regard to re-structure Fisheries Department Organisation, the Department has been divided into two sections one Inland Section, headed by Director Fisheries Sindh (Inland) Hyderabad, and other Research & Development at Karachi, by re-designating the post of Project Director Hyderabad.