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Livestock & Fisheries Department

Government Of Sindh

Directorate Of Animal Husbandry Sindh


This directorate was established in 19th century by the British Government of India under the control of Bombay Government, after the separation of Sindh from Bombay the department was called Veterinary Service Department Sindh.

After the creation of Pakistan the Department remained under the control of the Provincial Government of Sindh, under the federal Supervision of Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Government of Pakistan. Keeping in view the Agro-Industrial importance and geographical situation of the area, to address the issues of Livestock farmer Maldar regarding disease and production, further extension was given to this department through ADP in 1954-55 and designated as Directorate of Animal Husbandry Sindh, with the following aims and Objectives:

Aims & Objectives

  • Conservation of Livestock through adequate disease control measures.
  • Improvement in the quality of livestock through modern techniques of feeding, management and breeding.
  • . Initiation of appropriate measures to improve the quality and quantity of Livestock Products like Milk and Meat etc.
  • Re-orientation of Farmers to modern Livestock Husbandry and production.
  • Improve Genetic Potential of local breeds.
  • Prevention of Trans-boundary Animal Diseases & Non trans-Boundary Animal Diseases.
  • Prophylactic vaccination campaigns training and extension services (in service / farmers)

Our Vision

  • Poverty alleviation of Livestock Farmers by increasing their income through enhanced production.
  • Transformation of livestock sector from subsistence towards commercialization.
  • Contribution towards food security and exportable surpluses.

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